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Tipi and Yurts for Sale & Hire
Tipi [tee-pee] Tepee/Lodge/Wigwam

from Sioux ‘Ti’ meaning ‘to dwell’ and ‘Pi’ meaning ‘used for’

A conical tent made of canvas or skins on a frame of long poles. The traditional shelter of the Native Americans of the Plains and Lakes regions.. Tipis for sale / hire / festival accommodation.

Yurt [yoo rt] Yurta/Ger/Boz uy

from Turkic 'Jurt' meaning 'home' or 'abode'

A circular tent with a lattice wall and a conical roof of poles radiating out of a central wheel, covered with felt or canvas. Originally used by Mongol and Turkic nomads. Yurts for sale / hire / festival accommodation.


Making Tipis and Yurts for sale and hire since 1999


Hearthworks was established in 1999 offering bespoke Tipis and Yurts for sale - handcrafted using traditional techniques, modern specifications and the best materials we could find.

From the outset we offered traditional Tipi hire across the UK and Europe including Festivals, Weddings, Private celebrations, Corporate functions, Glamping holidays and more. This soon included a professional Yurt hire service and options for luxury furnishings, beds and power.

For the last 15 years we have been managing the Tipis at Glastonbury Festival.

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Covid 19 and your accommodation booking:

If the event is cancelled due to Covid-19, or you are unable to attend the event due to Government Policy such as travel restrictions, then we are committed to giving you the full value of the product you have paid for. Initially you will be offered the opportunity to carry your booking forward to the next event, or any other event that Hearthworks is taking bookings for. If those options don't work for you then you can be refunded the amount you paid, minus a small booking fee, that will be held on your account with Hearthworks to go towards your next booking.

For further info see the Refund Policy published on the footer of our website: Refund policy.

  • Really Happy

    "We are really happy with Hearthworks providing the Tipis and Yurts at the festival, they always do a top job."

    we LOVE the yurt

    "we LOVE the yurt... Our nursery children had their first lesson in it yesterday and their faces lit up as they walked into it. All of our teachers started off the staff meeting in it last night and it is a HUGE hit with everyone"

  • huge thanks

    "huge thanks for putting new yurt up..looks awesome!... Thanks a mill guys"

    Your crew are amazing!

    "Many thanks again... I hope you are having a fab Summer... Can I also thank you for what you all do?!.. Your yurts and tipis transform Glastonbury for us and many others.. it does not get any better! Your crew are amazing! Please send on our thanks.."

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