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Flooring – Hearthworks Tipis & Yurts


Coir matting, Yurt platforms and Tipi Decking

Whether for a permanent pitch or weekend camping we are always happy to look at the best options for flooring in your Yurt or Tipi. We offer a specialized design and build service for platform and decking floors and can guide you through a range of options and custom extras.

Waterproof Groundsheets

All our structures can be equipped with heavy duty PVC groundsheets – available in a wide choice of colours. For the Yurts, the groundsheets have an upstand around the edge that the trellis walls sit inside. With the Tipis we generally provide a flat groundsheet, or if the Tipi is to have a fire pit, it can have a groundsheet with a cut-out in the centre for the fire.

Coir Matting

We recommend Coir (coconut fibre) matting as a natural inexpensive flooring finish in your Tipi or Yurt. Coir Matting is a hard wearing, naturally fire-resistant, organic and bio-degradable product. The matting can be manufactured to fit the size of your Tipi or Yurt, and generally comes in two overlapping semi-circles.

Platforms and Wooden Flooring

Get your project off the ground! Having a solid floor takes Tipi and Yurt living to the next level of comfort. Platforms and decking floors are a great way to transform the space, and are especially suitable for a permanent site. Having a solid wooden floor under foot is becoming an increasingly popular way of making your Tipi or Yurt suitable for all-season use in the UK.


Ideally the site is level, reasonably compacted and well-drained. In that case, we recommend that simple preparations need to be done before the floor is installed. This often involves removing a few inches of topsoil, putting down a weed suppressing barrier and adding a layer of gravel or hardcore. We prefer the customer to do this before we arrive, but we can do it ourselves if necessary at an additional cost.

If the ground isn’t level, a platform floor can still be installed. The uprights between the deck blocks and the subframe can compensate for the uneven ground.

Footings and Subframe

Our platform designs utilise a system of pre-cast concrete deck blocks to anchor the subframe. While reducing the amount of groundwork required in foundations, this system also copes well with gradients. When properly installed, the deck blocks create a very versatile flooring system, allowing the floor to be built as close or far from the ground as the site requires.

All our circular floors are built on a structural framework of treated exterior grade timber. For permanent Yurt installations we generally use weatherproof chipboard, whereas for Tipis or seasonal Yurts we generally recommend decking board.

Surfacing Options

If the structure will be up all year round and therefore the surface will not be exposed to the elements, we use weather resistant tongue and groove chipboard. This eliminates draughtiness, and works well in conjunction with the heavy-duty PVC groundsheet. Carpet or coconut matting can be installed on top of the groundsheet, as can a floating laminate floor.

Outdoor decking is perfect for Tipis and generally the Tipi poles sit on the ground arounds the deck. Also with a Yurt , if it will be used only seasonally, we recommend using exterior decking, either from tanalised softwood, or hardwood. Having decking will allow the floor to be left exposed to the weather without suffering too much when the Yurt or Tipi isn’t up.

Custom Design

Our decking and flooring options include the possibility of bespoke design and extras such as disabled access ramps, insulated subframes, porches, handrails, solid wood and laminate internal floors, as well as plumbing and drainage options.

Get a quote

We quote for flooring installations on an individual basis after discussing your needs and looking at the site considerations. Get in touch for a personalised quotation!


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