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Shipping & Delivery – Hearthworks Tipis & Yurts

Shipping & Delivery

Everything you need to know


You are welcome to collect your Tipi or Yurt from our premises. We are generally open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. By special arrangement we can facilitate weekend collection. We usually work on Bank Holidays but we do usually close down for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year. We can provide you with written instructions on how to safely install your Tipi or Yurt.

Delivery and Installation

If we are delivering the the goods ourselves, then the transport cost for delivery is calculated at 90p + VAT per mile travelled (that is, round trip.) The cost for installation depends on a number of variables such as the size of the Tipi or Yurt, the complexity of the installation, and how many people we need to send to get the installation completed in one day, allowing for the travel time. If you are very far from us, we may need you to cover costs for overnight food and lodgings. You will find projected costs for installation and delivery on your Quotation or Invoice.

If we are using a third party, such as Pallet Line, to make the delivery, the costs will also include a small amount for packing the goods and arranging the delivery. We will forward the expected costs in advance, and may occasionally ask you to pay the delivery company direct.

Payment Terms

With manufacturing orders we ask for a 30% deposit before we commence work. If you need us to complete any forms to allow us to be registered with your organisation as a supplier, please forward them to us as soon as possible to facilitate the process. The final balance is due on collection/installation. With larger orders we ask for a 30% interim payment half way through the manufacturing process and then a further 30% is due upon completion of your Yurt at our workshop, and needs to be before the Tipi or Yurt is sent for installation. The final 10% is due upon completion of the installation.

Arrangements for Flooring works

Depending on the size of the floor and site requirements, it can take from one to 2 weeks for us to complete a platform or decking floor, so we need to factor in the costs for food and lodgings during that period. Ideally we like to have the materials delivered directly to your site before arrive, and would consult with you to ensure you are able to receive them and show when you would like them to be off-loaded by the delivery driver.

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