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Bed in a Shared Female Accommodation Unit | Medicine Woman – Hearthworks Tipis & Yurts

Medicine Woman

25th to 29th July 2024, Boscastle, Cornwall

Bed in a Shared Female Accommodation Unit | Medicine Woman

Festival Hire

From: £195.00

  • A Single Futon-Type mattress complete with a sheet, a 13.5 tog duvet in a cover, a pillow in a case and a recycled wool blanket.
  • The dormitory is not intended as a Couples space or a Family space, so all beds are Singles.
  • Female Accommodation

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Got questions before you order. See our FAQ's.
Accommodation bookings do not include festival entry tickets, which must be purchased separately from the event's ticket agents.


The easy, cost effective way to travel light, stay comfortable and meet new people: Book a place in our woman only dormitory-style accommodation unit.

You’ll get a Single Futon-Type mattress complete with a sheet, a 13.5 tog duvet in a cover, a pillow in a case and a recycled wool blanket. These are laid simply on the ground, camping-style, and will be ready and waiting for you on your arrival. So, you don’t need to set up a tent for yourself or pack a sleeping bag & mattress: you can just arrive, check in and head off to enjoy yourself at the event.

The accommodation unit will be simply furnished with a heavy-duty, waterproof groundsheet and carpet flooring, entrance mat, some decorative rugs, a waste bin, and an LED Lantern. There will be space by your bed for your rucksack: you’ll need to bring your usual things like a towel and toiletries, plus your own torch along with your clothes.

  • We suggest, as always, that you don’t bring any unnecessary or valuable items, as a canvas tent can’t be considered a secure place to leave your belongings unattended.
  • The actual accommodation unit cannot be confirmed until just before the event: it may be either a Tipi or a Yurt, depending on availability. The size of the unit will also depend upon availability & upon how many places are booked. It will be either:
    • A Traditional style Native American Tipi that comes with a canvas door, an inner liner, and either an external rain hat or an internal rain catcher.
    • A Yurt, which will be full standing height with sturdy wooden trellis walls and roof poles, and a roof window.
  • The beds are Single size only and the dormitory is not intended as a couples space, though you can book as 2 separate individuals.
  • This is an adult only space, rather than one intended for families, so co-sleeping with small children isn’t possible. All occupants must be old enough to stay in the accommodation without supervision.
  • All genders are welcome in this mixed accommodation unit.
  • If there are more bookings than we can accommodate in one unit, we may provide two. If you would like to book with a friend and be in the same unit, just follow up your order with an email and we’ll do our best to ensure you are both in the same unit.


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Order information

What to expect when you stay with Hearthworks:

Your accommodation will be ready for you when you arrive, and you’ll just need to come to our Reception point with the Name of your booking and the Order Reference number. You’ll then be shown to your accommodation. It’s all very simple.

You will have access to Toilets and Showers during your stay. These are provided by the event rather than ourselves, who also arrange things like where our area is and the parking.

How do I find my accommodation on our arrival?

We try and give you as much arrival details and helpful information in a guests’ email which we send out the Monday before the festival. This will include a site map, where possible, and details of how to find our onsite reception team.

When can I arrive and when must I leave by?

Your accommodation will be ready for you from the time the event opens to the time it closes.

Please be aware that you are still in the great outdoors and you will be staying in a festival field. Here are some things which we advise that you bring with you:

Torch – extra lighting to help you when you get back to your tent at night is very helpful. 

Warm clothes even though its summer, the weather can still get cold.

Sensible footwear – you will be walking through festival fields, so sensible / waterproof footwear is advised.

Extra blanket –  If you’re prone to be a bit chilly, you may wish to bring an extra blanket to keep you warm at night, though most people don’t find this necessary.

Any other questions? 

If you have a question not answered here, you can also take a look at our FAQ’s page or you can contact us directly.


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