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Medium Tipi | Deer Shed – Hearthworks Tipis & Yurts

Deer Shed

26th - 29th July 2024, Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, North Yorkshire ~ Further Info ~ Glamping area Includes Toilets and Showers, Glamping Parking, Arrival from 10am Friday 26 July, Departure is by Midday Monday 29 July. * PLEASE NOTE * Event entry tickets ("Weekend With Camping") & Parking (at £21 per vehicle) must be purchased separately through the Deer Shed website.

Medium Tipi | Deer Shed

Festival Hire

Sleeps: 1 - 5 People

From: £835.00

Our MEDIUM Traditional Native American style Tipis are our most popular option. They always include a groundsheet, carpet flooring, entrance mat, waste bin and an LED Lantern

    Extra Options

    Pay a deposit of 50% per item

    3 in stock

    Got questions before you order. See our FAQ's.
    Accommodation bookings do not include festival entry tickets, which must be purchased separately from the event's ticket agents.


    A Traditional style 18′ diameter Native American Tipi for 4 – 5 people or even up to 6 in certain bed layouts. Our MEDIUM Tipis always come with a canvas door, an inner liner, and either an external rain hat or an internal rain catcher.

    Your accommodation will be set up for you and will be simply furnished with:

    • a Heavy-duty, waterproof groundsheet and carpet flooring
    • Entrance mat and waste bin
    • an LED Lantern

    Can I add a Furnishings Package and/or Beds & Bedding? 

    Yes, you can. Every group is unique, and sometimes people want just Beds & Bedding or just Furnishings, sometimes it’s a bit of everything, and sometimes folks prefer to bring all their own gear.

    We offer Furnishings and Beds & Bedding as separate items so you can customize your order to be exactly what you need.

    Have a look at the Extra Options tab for more information.


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    Extra options

    Beds & Bedding options 

    We offer Single or Double beds complete with bedding to add to your order. Each bed consists of a futon-style mattress with a sheet, a 13.5 tog duvet in a duvet cover, a pillow in a pillowcase (per person) and a recycled wool blanket. They are laid simply on the ground, camping-style, unless you’ve ordered a Luxury furnishing pack, in which case we’ll add a low wooden bed base for each bed. (Luxury Furnishings aren’t available at every event.)

    Bear in mind that fitting rectangles inside circles isn’t straightforward, so you need to choose a bed configuration from the options on the drop down menu, as we know that these ones work. If you don’t see what you want in the options, it may be that the arrangement doesn’t work – but do use our contact form to ask, as it may simply be that that option is so popular that it’s out of stock.

    If you want a 6th person, they need to bring a roll out camping mat and sleeping bag, and you will be best off to omit any furnishings package altogether.

    And remember: if you’ve got a Luxury furnishings package, don’t cram the maximum number of beds in or there won’t be space for all of the furnishings, and it will feel crowded rather than luxurious.


    Furnishings – Simple, Classic and Luxury Furnishings.

    Simple furnishings are what’s always included with your order, and which you can build on:

    • Heavy-duty Waterproof groundsheet and carpet flooring
    • Entrance mat and waste bin
    • an LED Lantern

    Add Classic Furnishings – Includes everything in Simple Furnishings plus:

    • Handmade decorative rugs
    • Large floor cushions to sit on
    • A low rosewood table, about the size you’d have at a bedside
    • a small mirror

    Add Luxury Furnishings – Includes everything in Classic Furnishings plus:

    • Electric sockets or USB Charger Table

    (Not all festivals have electricity provided to campsite: Deer Shed is one of these, so a 12v USB Charger Table is provided in our Luxury furnishings at this event)

    • Backrest seating – which may vary a bit in style, as some options work better in certain structures.
    • Sheepskin rugs
    • Clothes hangers
    • Towels
    • Wooden table and chairs for indoor or outdoor use
    • Raised slatted bed bases for any futon ordered (if you have ordered beds & bedding)

    What exactly is a 12v USB Charger Table?

    It’s a 12v battery built into one of our small rosewood tables, with USB sockets and an old fashioned car charger socket, too.

    With it, you can keep your phone and other small gadgets charged all weekend. The Charger table also provides high quality illumination at the flick of switch. We introduced these to our hire range back in 2012, and they’ve been a popular choice ever since.

    A Charger table provides approx 120-200 watt-hours of low voltage DC electricity, which is enough for:

    • around 100 hours of light using the built-in lights
    • 20 to 30 charges of a 2019 smartphone
    • 10 to 20 charges of a typical tablet
    • 50+ charges of a camera battery
    • 10 hours running of a small fan
    • You may also charge a medium sized laptop twice provided you aren’t using the power table too much for other appliances.

    You will need to bring suitable adapters for your gadgets – the table comes with 2 x 5V USB sockets and a single 12V car accessory socket. USB-C fast charging is currently not supported however charging will still work at a slower rate.

    The Charger table is not suitable for appliances with high power draw. Typically, any car appliance that instructs you to ‘run engine when in use’ will be unsuitable, as well as anything that heats, cools, or has a large battery that needs charging.

    Here’s a list of what NOT to use the table for:

    • 12V kettles
    • 12V fridges
    • 12V space heaters
    • hair dryers
    • professional video cameras
    • large laptops
    • drone batteries
    • 15 inch or larger TV’s and TV game consoles

    Airbed inflators are fine, however, as they are typically only used briefly.

    We don’t recommend using a 240v inverter as they waste a lot of electricity and can be a shock hazard even when slightly damp, however we realise they can be useful on occasions, so if you bring one use it sparingly.

    If you have ordered Luxury furnishings you do not need to also order a Charger Table.

    Order information

    What to expect when you stay with Hearthworks:

    Your accommodation will be ready for you when you arrive, and you’ll just need to come to our Reception point with the Lead Name of your booking and the Order Reference number. You’ll then be shown to your accommodation. It’s all very simple, and you don’t all need to arrive at the same time.

    You will have access to Toilets and Showers during your stay. These are provided by the event rather than ourselves, who also arrange things like where our area is and the parking.

    • Please Note: There is now a standard £20 charge for Parking at Deer Shed, and you can book this in advance on the event’s website.

    How do I find my accommodation on our arrival?

    We try and give you as much arrival details and helpful information in a guests’ email which we send out the Monday before the festival. This will include a site map, where possible, and details of how to find our onsite reception team.

    When can I arrive and when must I leave by?

    Your accommodation will be ready for you from the time the event opens to the time it closes.

    Please be aware that you are still in the great outdoors and you will be staying in a festival field. Here are some things which we advise that you bring with you:

    Torch – extra lighting to help you when you get back to your tent at night is very helpful. 

    Warm clothes even though its summer, the weather can still get cold.

    Sensible footwear – you will be walking through festival fields, so sensible / waterproof footwear is advised.

    Extra blanket – even if you book accommodation with bedding included you may wish to bring extra blankets to keep you warm at night. British summer nights can be chilly.

    Any other questions? 

    If you have a question not answered here, you can also take a look at our FAQ’s page or you can contact us directly.


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