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Event Services

Event Services

As a pioneer of the expansion of the boutique camping industry at UK events over the last decade, our public structures, accommodation and VIP areas continue to be a regular highlight of many of the most renowned events in the UK. We are a firmly established event accommodation provider with over 18 years solid experience of providing quality production with the very best in luxury tented accommodation.
Hearthworks wedding Yurt interior

Boutique camping with Hearthworks

We specialise in coordinating well-organized and spectacular accommodation areas. As manufacturers of high quality Tipis and Yurts, all our structures have a traditional aesthetic combined with modern design modifications to ensure their peak performance in the field. We currently have over over 200 Traditional Tipis, 100 Modern Tipi Tents and 100 Yurts available for hire with a huge range of sizes, furnishings and options for extras such as beds and power.

Event Partnership Options

There are various ways we can work in partnership with events.

  1. We offer complete accommodation bookings, on-site management including reception, hospitality services and maintenance. We pay a commission to the event, as a revenue stream which can be offset against site infrastructure.

  2. Events can rent our accommodation directly to customers and manage their own booking process. In this instance, we can offer bespoke package options at a very competitive prices.

  3. We are happy to work with other Production Companies that manage Glamping Areas for events and have excellent working relationships with third party sales outlets to upsell accommodation on behalf of events.

Hearthworks wedding Yurt interior

VIP Hospitality Areas

Our Luxury furnished structures provide an atmospheric and appealing alternative to conventional temporary accommodation, and are particularly well suited for VIP, Production and Artist Areas. These can include either our Classic or Luxury furnishings, with or without futon mattresses and bedding, as well as options for power, lighting and heating.

Tipi & Yurt Venues

Our Giant and Extra Large Yurts and Tipis can make excellent venues for events. Holding up to 100 people, they can be much more funky and intimate than your average marquee. Whether you need a space for workshops, music, kids or staff, why not consider a big Tipi or Yurt. Often events choose to offset the cost of in-house structures against the commission received for public Tipi and Yurt areas.

Hearthworks wedding Yurt interior

Dedicated Reception & Maintenance

Each event's Tipi & Yurt Village is produced to your specific requirements by our Production Team, to ensure a high standard for the area as a whole. We take customer care as the key to the area's success. Our Reception provides the main point of contact for our guests on site, with our dedicated support staff on hand to help guests settle in and take care of them throughout their stay.

Hearthworks wedding Yurt interior

Yurt Sauna and Spa

We have created our very own wood-fired Yurt Sauna, a complete 'Nomadic Spa'. The 10ft Sauna Yurt is finished in striking black canvas, and has a beautiful carved wooden door. It can hold up to 12 people and is enclosed within a private garden area that includes a changing room Tipi and outdoor shower. Adding a touch of fun and rejuvenation to any event, the Sauna is a great way to stay healthy and clean whilst enjoying outdoor living. Please contact us for more details.

Tipi Yurt Cafe

The Tipi Cafe is housed in a cluster of large Tipis that can seat up to 50 people. The idea of the Cafe is to provide a relaxing 'chill out' space with comfy seating and a colourful ambience. The Cafe sells a range of hot beverages and snacks provided by a qualified and experienced catering team. With its roaring fire the Tipi Cafe can become a social focal point, as well as being a cosy and welcome retreat from the main event. Please contact us for more details.

Hearthworks wedding Yurt interior

Ancient Futures Venue

We created the Ancient Futures as part of the Tipi Field at Glastonbury Festival to highlight the relevance of ancient indigenous cultures and their wisdom to our future and that of the planet. The Ancient Futures venue offers itself as a celebration and inspiration for all who seek a better world. The venue itself host a programme of inspirational talks, workshops, poetry and performances, and is housed in a giant 30ft Yurt joining a huge Tipi space that together holds over 150 people.