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The Trilodge

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The TriLodge

An elegant and innovative new tent from Hearthworks combining the beauty of a traditional Tipi with the practicality and usability of contemporary design.
Hearthworks TriLodge Tipis

A unique Tent from Hearthworks

Developed by our manufacturing team in-house, the Hearthworks TriLodge is a Tipi-shaped tent with a funky porch, suspended from a tripod of wooden poles. The interior is spacious enough to accommodate a family of four or a group of friends, and is equally suited to being a romantic luxury tent for a couple.

Designed for the British climate

The tent is suspended from the sky above the with its external tripod, making it lighter to transport, and easier to install than a traditional Tipi. The TriLodge has a unique integrated porch and groundsheet fitting system, making it totally watertight and flood proof.

Cosy with a Stove

Although, unlike the traditional Tipi, it is not suited to an open fire in the centre, the TriLodge can be fitted with a Wood-burning Stove to keep you cosy and warm.

A Simple and Practical 21st Century Tipi

Without zips to fail or excessive knots to tie, the set up system is simple and fast. Storm loops allow additional guy ropes in the event of gales or extreme weather. The beauty of the high and unobstructed space in the interior without the need for any internal central pole, makes the Tripod Tipi the perfect tent for 21st century luxury camping.

Hearthworks TriLodge Tipis

Benefits of the Hearthworks TriLodge

  • Suspended gracefully from an external tripod
  • 15ft diameter inside: very comfortable for up to 4 adults
  • Quality all-in-one watertight Polycotton cover, that can be erected easily and quickly
  • Unique integrated porch and venting system
  • Hand-finished UK-sourced wooden poles
  • Highly durable 12oz Canvas, with Fire, Water & Rot Retardancy to British Standards
  • Double thickness canvas door with sturdy velcro fastening
  • Attachable heavy Duty PVC groundsheet with integrated upstand
  • Designed and crafted in the UK
  • Graceful, durable, breathable and practical.