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Kyrgyz Yurts

Authentic Willow Yurt frames imported from Kyrgyzstan are the most traditional frames that we offer. Made using ancient techniques, these Yurts are from round wood and as they have more woodwork in the frame they are best suited to semi-permanent locations.
Kyrgyz Yurt

Traditional Kyrgyz Yurt Frames and Felt

After visiting the Kyrgyz Republic in 2006 to learn about traditional Central Asian bent wood Yurt making, we started to import the tradition pure wool felt Yurt covers and bent-wood Kyrgyz Willow frames into the UK.

UK-made Professional Yurt Covers

Whilst we import the wooden frames from Kyrgyzstan, we manufacture our own high standard polycotton covers here in the UK. We use the traditional felt Yurt covers as an insulative layer if required. The Kyrgyz Yurt frames that we offer are manufactured using ancient established techniques of steam-bending, wood carving and trellis is tied using spliced raw hide.

Ideal for more permanent sites

The steam bent Kyrgyz yurts have a much higher number of roof poles and denser number of trellis than many other types of yurt, making them extremely stable and capable of withstanding high winds and the weight of the heavy duty felt. This makes them ideally suited to permanent or semi permanent installations.

Kyrgyz Yurt

Natural Willow or Red painted

The Yurt frames are all made from sustainably grown Willow, and can either be natural wood colour or painted red. Traditionally the frames would have been painted with horse blood but now red paint is used.

Coppiced bent-wood fixed with raw-hide

Being a true bent-wood Yurt, as opposed to a straight roof Ger, the trellis walls are bent with a double curve giving the Yurt a unique and organic shape. The trellis is tied and fixed with rawhide, and are carved with a grooved design on the inside that helps with the steam-bending process. Each roof pole is from a whole young tree in the round, giving it more strength than square sawn timber. At the wheel end of the roof pole, the pole is made thinner and at the trellis end it is again carved with grooves.

Steeper Roof Pitch

Kyrgyz steam bent Yurts tend to have quite steep roofs, with anything from a 30 to 40 degree pitch, much steeper that a Mongolian Ger, or an English steam bent yurt. The mountains of Kyrgyzstan would be much wetter than the dry plains of Mongolia.

Unique carved wooden doors

The Kyrgyz wooden doors are divided down the middle and open inwards. The softwood door panels are generally carved with a traditional Kyrgyz motifs. The elegant central wheel, or 'Tunduk' has a unique carved Kyrgyz bracing design.

Kyrgyz Yurt

Authentic Yurt Aesthetics

We love the Kyrgyz Yurts for their character and authenticity. They are truly beautiful yurt frames and the handcrafted felt is a wonderful organic product.. The only modifications we have made to the frames is using pre-stretched Polyester Cord for the ties at the end of the roof poles, rather than wool cord. We also paint the whole wooden frame with Yacht Varnish to protect it against mildew and rot.

Choice of sizes

The Kyrgyz Yurts are measured in meters and the standard sizes we offer are the 4m (approx 13 ft), 5m(approx 16ft) and the 6m (approx 20ft) diameter, as we find these seem to work the best.

Kyrgyz Yurt

Quality Canvas Covers

We have refined and improved our Yurt cover design over many years. The unique design features and use of the best materials we can find, maximise practicality whilst maintaining the profound aesthetics of these beautiful structures.

Our covers are expertly produced in our Sewing room, under the supervision of our Production Manager Rico Aalst, who has been sewing tents professionally for over 18 years.
We can produce Yurt canvas covers from a tasteful pallet of colours and generally use Polycotton fabric, as we have found this to have a longer life than pure cotton canvas with the same treatment. We currently recommend the highest quality 12 oz yd2 Polycotton from British Millerain, which is proofed against Fire, Water and Rot, to British Standards. Bespoke canvas work, such as appliqued designs, is available by special request.

Choice of Colours

The main canvas is often natural white to allow for maximum light penetration. Recently Sand colour has become more opular, due to its durability and superior aesthetic performance over time. We offer a choice of coloured trims at no extra charge, including Olive Green, Tan, Marine Blue, Dark Brown and Burgundy. The trim usually consists of the crown cover and the encircling valance at the bottom of the roof, though sometimes people also like to extend the colour to include either the whole wall or the whole roof.

Features of Hearthworks Yurt Covers
There are numerous additional features to Hearthworks Yurt covers, such as quick release point fastenings around the doorway, extra strength tension bands reinforced with webbing, additional storm loops for extra pegs, and numerous areas of double reinforced canvas eliminating any stress points. Hearthworks Yurt covers are built to last.
A standard Hearthworks Yurt cover consist of:

  • Fitted canvas roof cover with reinforced double valance around the edge in between which the walls attach. The outer valance has a draw cord at the bottom to keep it tight against the wall.
  • Peg loops from polyester webbing with pre-stretched polyester cord and Ash pegs.
  • Wall sections from canvas with spot fasteners on the door, and a PVC strip around the bottom section that sits on the ground.
  • Star-shaped Roof Wheel cover from double thickness canvas with clear vinyl central skylight window. 
  • Double thickness canvas door with wooden lathes, velcro and ties (unless replaced with wooden door)

Bespoke Options

We have a range of extra options to suit your requirements including extra high walls, hardwood locking doors and windows in the side wall. All our Yurts are available with options of handmade felt insulation, inner covers, wood burning stoves and platform floors.

Our Kyrgyz Yurts can include the following options:

  • windows in the side wall
  • an extra doorway
  • lockable wooden doors
  • a porch awning 
  • a woodburning stove
  • felt insulation
  • a platform floor for the Yurt to stand on
  • wheelchair access, including a ramp


All of our Yurts come with a removable transparent PVC window over the crown wheel, so you always have a skylight. It is also possible to add clear PVC windows that are sewn into the wall. Our Yurt windows are rectangular in shape and come complete with a roll down canvas curtain on the exterior of the Yurt, velcro fastenings and ties.

Multiple Doorways and Extra-wide doors

Kyrgyz Yurts come with one entrance way and a canvas door as standard. For additional cost, you can add additional doorways, or change a canvas door for a lockable wooden one.

Solid wood Lockable Doors

Kyrgyz Wooden Doors are made from panels carved with traditional Kyrgyz motifs. Each door is split vertically down the middle, as sharing the load of the door with hinges on both sides helps to reduce the incidence of distortion over time. The doors open inwards as that is the most weather proof design allowing the roof cover to overlap the top of the door.

Porch Awnings

It is possible to add on an awning for over your door. This can be in the colour of your choice, and the style of awning may depend on whether your Yurt is semi-permanent or more portable. The awning makes it much more pleasant when coming or going in the rain, and adds an extra layer of weather protection to the Yurt over the door.