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Extra Large Yurt

24ft Yurt – Sleeps 9-15

From: £1,374.00

To: £2,256.00

Price as configured: £0.00

Extra Large Yurt – private hire   +£1,374.00

Price as configured: £0.00

Suitable for 9-12 people, up to a maximum of 15. An impressive 24’ diameter Yurt with a crafted wooden frame of circular trellis and curved roof poles connected to a central roof ring. The Yurt is fitted with a high quality bespoke canvas cover with a circular roof window, two canvas entrance doors and comes installed complete with a waterproof groundsheet, carpet flooring and doormats.


We offer Simple, Classic and Luxury furnishings, but availability will vary depending on your event.

Simple Furnishings include

  • Hand-woven cotton rugs
  • A low rosewood table
  • LED / tea-light lanterns

Classic FurnishingsClassic Furnishings includes everything in Simple Furnishings plus

  • Large floor cushions
  • Sheepskin rugs
  • Backjack Chairs

Luxury FurnishingsLuxury Furnishings includes everything in Classic Furnishings plus

  • Electric sockets
  • Electric lamp
  • Mirror
  • Clothes hangers
  • Raised slatted bed bases for any futons ordered
  • Wooden table and chairs for outdoor use


Beds & Bedding, available in Singles or Doubles, consists of:

  • Futon-style mattress
  • Sheet
  • Duvet & duvet cover
  • Pillow & Pillowcase
  • Woollen blanket

We offer Single and Double Beds & Bedding, these consist of futon-style mattresses with sheets, duvets, pillows and blankets.

  • Having mattresses affects the capacity, you'll be limited to how many single or double beds you can choose depending on the space available in your structure.
  • We generally use of Futon mattresses, but at some events we do use air beds. This is reflected in the price and it will clearly say ‘air bed’ in the product description.
  • If you order luxury furnishings as well as beds, we will provide your beds with a wooden bed bases.

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