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Traditional Tipis & Yurts for Camping, Weddings and Events, UK | Hearthworks
Traditional Tipis

The wind in our heart
The dance on the Earth
The spirit of the Tipi.

In the beginning...there was the Tipi

For us, it all began sitting around a fire, sheltered by a Tipi.

Timeless, soaring, elemental. It’s hard to explain why being in a Tipi is so special: to understand, you need to experience it. Nearly 20 years after our first Tipi, we still just want to share that Tipi magic with everyone.

Tipis have Soul

There’s been a wave of enthusiasm for Tipi accommodation at almost every type of festival in the UK. Their presence brings soul to any outdoor event. Dignified & harmonious, the Tipi has evolved over millennia into an elegant, practical dwelling. No wonder so many consider this traditional home of the Native American plains tribes the ultimate camping experience.

Step outside the Box

Hearthworks has been making Tipis designed for the British climate since 1999.

We personally install every Tipi we hire. We equip them with a rainhat or raincatcher to stop any drops coming in the top, plus a built-in drip strip above the door to keep the entrance dry. We also include a heavy duty waterproof groundsheet, as well as an inner liner and carpet or matting flooring. Door mats and waste bins are included as standard.

We know our Tipis inside and out, so you can simply relax and step out of the box of modern life. Cosy and cool, whatever weather the great British summer may bring.

Party in Comfort and Style

We offer a range of sizes of Tipi, from intimate 9ft diameter Duo Tipis to huge 30 ft Giant Tipis. Comfort is assured for everyone though our furnishings and lighting options, from the practical to the downright luxurious.

For example, our Classic Furnishings equips your Tipi with hand-woven rugs, large floor cushions, backrest seating, sheepskins, a hardwood table, and lanterns. You can also add a comfy sleeping option like a mattress with full bedding including a snuggly duvet and warm woolen blanket.

At some events and for private bookings we can even offer Luxury Furnishings that include electric power, raised wooden bed bases and other extras such as towels, mirrors and hair-dryers.

Re-charge and Relax

A Tipi may be the ancestors antidote to the stresses of modern living, but we still need to charge our phones! Hearthworks’ unique Power Charger Tables, complete with two 12v sockets and LED lighting, will help you stay connected while unplugged.

Light your Fire

At a limited number of events or for private hire, we can offer Tipis with an open fire in the centre. The fire is contained and raised off the ground in a steel fire-dish on a slab hearth, and you also get a fire extinguisher for safety. We include kindling, firelighters, and a bag of split logs.

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