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Lost Village

Lost Village is a surreal and intimate 4 day immersive, interactive theatre & festival experience. Set in the heart of an long-forgotten forest, this year the event takes place from the 22nd to 25th of August 2019 near Norton Disney, Lincolnshire.

Hearthworks Tipis in the Boutique Sanctuary at Lost Village 2019

  • Wristband access only area
  • 24hr Reception & Concierge Free Car Parking
  • Luxury Showers & Toilets exclusively for area residents
  • Porter Service Hair & Make Up Retreat Phone Charging Sanctuary Cocktail Bar Coffee & Breakfast Bar
  • Arrive from 2pm Thurs 22 Aug 2019, leave by noon Mon 26 Aug 2019

Please Note: Accommodation bookings do not include festival entry tickets, which must be purchased separately from the event’s ticket agents.

Hearthworks accommodation is booked via the event's own website.

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Located in an abandoned forest, long since forgotten by the outside world, the Long Village is a place where reality flickers and the inexplicable occurs. A place where nothing is what it seems. Navigate through the trees, by derelict buildings and relics of the past, through deserted junkyards and deep into the woods. Meet the most extraordinary people, dance to the most incredible sounds, eat the most exceptional food and share impossible stories with kindred souls. And when it’s time to return, you will know one thing: those on the outside will never understand…