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Trilodge for 3 at Gone Wild - Singles

Three single beds

Price as configured: £0.00

1 x Trilodge   +£516.00
1 x Small Classic Furnishings   +£180.00
3 x Single Beds   +£234.00
Total Quantity:

Price as configured: £0.00

15ft Trilodge, Classic furnishings with Power, 3 x Single beds and bedding. The Trilodge Tipi is a canvas tent suspended from a tripod of Tipi poles. Each Trilodge Tipi has a covered porch entrance and comes with a waterproof groundsheet, carpet flooring and a doormat.


Classic Furnishings includes

  • Classic furnishings includes
  • Hand-woven cotton rugs
  • Low rosewood table
  • Decorative lanterns
  • Sheepskin rug
  • Wooden Chairs & table
  • Electric sockets
  • Electric light
  • Mirror

Classic Furnishings

Beds & Bedding, available in Singles or Doubles, consists of:

  • Futon-style mattress
  • Sheet
  • Duvet & duvet cover
  • Pillow & Pillowcase
  • Woollen blanket

Luxury Furnishings