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All About Love stands for compassion, transformation, awakening, togetherness and sacred celebration. We are a close family of artists, tribe builders, musicians, healers and performers from around the world who love life and are on a mission to spread love and support each other on the healing path. Our purpose is to build a strong supportive bridge between the party and the ceremony and to be there for people of all ages who are waking up and need help navigating these crazy times.

Think ancient wisdom, sacred fire, prayers, workshops, ceremonies and immensely beautiful 'World Soul' acoustic and electronic music from across the globe - all set in 300 acres of magical organic paradise in the beauty of the Somerset countryside.

Our vision is to embrace and showcase not only the more traditional medicine cultures and sounds but the modern interface between cosmic culture, technology and plant consciousness, among many other transformational paths that can lead to a different consciousness and a happier life.

If you are looking for a truly spectacular gathering with spirit right at its heart that values learning and support as much as partying then come and help us grow the magical All About Love family.

Hearthworks in Boutique Camping at All About Love 2020

  • Reception Tipi with staff to settle you in and make sure your stay goes smoothly
  • Maintenance staff to look after the Tipis and Yurts during the event
  • Showers and Toilets are situated conveniently close by
  • Arrive 12 noon Wed 19th Aug, leave by 12 noon Tue 25 Aug

Please Note: Accommodation bookings do not include festival entry tickets, which must be purchased separately from the event’s ticket agents.

More about All About Love

Welcome to All About Love 2020.

All About Love are changing the game this summer! 2020 is set to be something very special for us and we are quantum shifting the way the event looks and feels.

As many of you know, All About Love’s purpose is to accelerate the awakening and dissolve the separation between all of the people who are waking up right now. It is a powerful prayer for a new way of living made real through the co-creative force of shared vision, hard work and brave, bold moves.



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