At Hearthworks we are committed as individuals and as a company to ensure we have minimal impact on our environment throughout every aspect of the work we do, ranging from efficient transport logistics planning through to adept choices in energy supplies for our needs. We believe our attitude in looking forward to a sustainable future is paramount for the welfare of the next generation and continually re-assess ourselves to strive towards improving our standards.
  • Our Yurt frames and Tipi poles are all made from local, sustainably sourced wood.
  • Tipi and Yurt Covers all made from robust long-lasting Polycotton Canvas.
  • After sales servicing, repairs and advice ensures our products are used for their maximum lifespan.
  • Many of our products are biodegradeable, eg. wooden frames, tipi poles, tent pegs, pure wool felt covers.
  • Staff and sub-contractors based in local community and utilising car-sharing wherever possible¬†
  • Our choice of vehicles and transport companies prioritises fuel efficiency and reducing mileage.
  • Our yard and office heating and hot water systems have been made as efficient as possible.
  • All our lighting demands at our base and at off-grid locations are met by use of energy saving CFL bulbs and as they expire they are replaced with very efficient SMD LED lighting.
  • Our off-grid power generation investment for use at festivals (currently a solar array) will be integrated with our grid mains system when not in use to reduce our fossil fuel & nuclear requirements.
  • We recycle all waste, excluding wood which we use as fuel for heating, and biological waste which we compost.
  • Insulation - our office and main sewing area are insulated and we have identified and dealt with draughts.
  • We use and prefer local suppliers and family businesses, where this is not possible we use fair trade products and environmentally friendly cleaning products. We are proud to have many fine craftsmen on board.
  • The products we import from the Kyrgyz Republic are purchased according to fair trade principles and support a traditional cottage industry of local handicraft products. Unfortunately these products cannot be found in the U.K.
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