Power Tables

PTNEW250.pngPower Tables are available to have in your Tipi or Yurt at selected events so now you'll be able to charge your phone, tablet computer or camera in the luxury of your own space. At the flick of a switch you will also have lighting. Tell us you want a power pack when you book your structure, make sure you bring a car charger for your toys and we'll make sure you have enough renewable energy to enhance and delight your stay with us.

We have noticed in recent years the growing necessity for you to have convenient phone charging and good lighting, so have developed a new and unique product in-house to do this job perfectly, and more. Styled to blend in with your interior furnishings, with no cables running around the field and no generators nearby, we are proud to be able to offer you this handy addition to your dwelling. The electricity to charge them usually comes from one of our mobile solar rigs, so your energy comes to you cleanly and without any unnecesary environmental pollution. Capable of at least 150 phone charges, 36hrs of light or 30hrs of browsing the net on your netbook or tablet computer, we've styled and suited this Hearthworks addition to make your stay with us even more enjoyable. Please note that some devices with constant high energy demands (12v fridges, car kettles, mini hairdryers) won't run for too long from our power tables, so we recommend you keep use of these to a minimum or you'll have a flat battery!


Proven as a hugely successful product during the last two years, we are expecting a huge demand for the coming season. Numbers are limited so book yours now while they are still available!


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