Our Vision as Quality Yurt & Tipi Manufacturers

  • To help others enjoy Tipis and Yurts and experience the goodness in simple living, close to the earth.
  • To manufacture the finest quality Tipis and Yurts, that are as practical and durable as possible, while maintaining their traditional and aesthetic qualities, and to continually assess and improve our designs.
  • To provide beautiful Tipis and Yurt for hire, that inspire and uplift people, and give a taste of how wonderful these spaces can be.
  • To aim for standards of excellence in both our manufacturing and our hire service, and maintain the best possible relationships with our clients.
  • To be an ethical business, community based, and act responsibly towards people and planet, supporting fair trade, local artisans and all the people who work with us.
  • To promote cultural awareness and the wisdom of indigenous peoples, and support the survival of ancient skills, tribal crafts and traditional knowledge.

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