Health And Safety Policy

It is the policy of Hearthworks to provide health and safe working conditions for all employees and for all persons influenced by the field of work. Hearthworks recognises its responsibility in connection with the provision of adequate safety measures and the prevention of accidents.

Hearthworks will not allow any any unsafe working practices to operate in any department or on site locations, and it is the responsibility of the supervisor of each department to ensure that the welfare and safety of all employeesunder his charge at all times takes precedence over any other considerations.

Hearthworks will take all steps within its power to provide and maintain :

  • Equipment and systems of work that are safe.
  • Safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of articles and materials.
  • Sufficient information,instructions, training and supervision to enable all employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety and health at work.
  • A safer place of work and safe access to it.
  • A healthy woorking environment.
  • Adequate welfare facilities.

Hearthworks endevours to adhere to the highest possible standards of health and safety in all relevant areas. This includes the full health and safety training of all staff and sub contractors. It is recognised that the safety policyis likely only to be effective if supported by the active co-operation of all employees. In this respect employees and sub contractors are reminded of their own obligations under Sections 7 and 8 of the Health and Safety at Work.Act. It is the responsibility of all employees and sub contractors to abide by the regulations and procedures laid down for their health and safety. It is a condition of employment that they take reasonable care to safeguard their health and safety and that of persons who may be affected by their actions at work. Employeees who aware of any condition which may be unsatisfactory are required to bring the matter to attention of their immediate supervisor.

All injuries must be reported to the supervisor and must be entered in the Accident Book immediately. The accident book is situated in ther general office and carried with the site supervisor on site location. First Aid boxes are situated in the general office and carried in the vehicle on site work.
All employees and sub contractors are made aware of the procedure to follow in the event of discovery of a fire, including location of fire points and fire exits.. Any person discovering a fire shall immediately report it to any supervisor or relevant on site official. If it is possible for a fire to be extinguished without danger then he or she may do so, otherwise he or she must immediately sound the alarm and warn all other employees or persons in the area.

It is the responsibility of safety precautions and risk assessments are carried out to ensure that all possible risks are minimised and the necessary precautions in place. Health and safety of empoloyees and the public is paramount in the considerations as well as testing and risk assessment of the structures provided by Hearthworks.

All Hearthworks staff and sub contractors are trained to ensure strict health and safety guidelines are adhered to. Hearthworks carries out its own in house health and safety training program to ensure that all employeess and sub contractors are fully trained. This includes specific detailed health and safety and risk minimalising with all the equipment used, considerations for heavy lifting, training in handling of strutural components and equipment, regular risk assessment, considerations for health and safety of the public during structure erection, and once the structures themselves have been erected. All employees and sub contractors follow a set of health and safety instructions for each structure and are trained to ensure all the possible requirements for the health and safety of colleagues and the public are fully met. Precautions are set in place to ensure use of relevant protective clothing,when applicable.

All structures and equipment is checked regularly to ensure the highest standards of health and safety can be adhered to. This includes tools and equipment, revision of load bearing equipment and full regular checks of all hardware and equipment used.

The director with overall responsibilty for the implementation of this policy is Mr. Tara Weightman. This statement will be reviewed, added to or modified as required and may be supplemented in appropriate cases by further statements relating to work of particular departments, groups or workers.